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Monday, May 16, 2016
Hi guys! I'm very excited to announce that Jess @ Princessica of Books was kind enough to stop by my blog today with a discussion post. I always love reading her discussion posts, so I hope you enjoy too! ~ Alexandra

What do we get out of rereading? | Discussion

The thing about rereading is this: there isn't enough time to read all books once, so why read some twice? And the answer is simple– the book means a lot to the reader, whether it's the book they grew up with, or the first book that made them cry, or it just means a lot because it's a guarantee outing of a reading slump.
Yet, there are some cases in which rereading actually diminishes the reader's respect and/or interest in the particular once-favorite book. In fact, I come across that case more often than not. However, I'm still in favor of rereading. Why? Because if all goes well, the reader gets a new perspective, relives a joyous moment in their reading career, refreshes their knowledge on the story, or we get out of reading slumps or hangovers.

The New Perspective

It seems that this is the most common case, especially with Harry Potter fans. They catch hidden eggs and trickery hidden to the common eye. Do you know how many theories are confirmed or brought up each time someone reads Harry Potter? By rereading, we already knows what happens so now we focus on the smaller details.
In addition, sometimes things get better as we get older. Things and lessons that didn't mean anything to us 10 year olds but mean everything to us in our 20s. We get a new perspective on the outside world which brings a new perspective on the inside.

Refreshing Knowledge

I often do this with series, especially if the sequel comes out a year or more after the first book. I know that in preparation for Queen of Shadows, there was a reread-a-thon for the entire series. Maybe you don't read the entire book but just the end. I know that I do that with required reads; I skim the book about an hour before the reading test. There's also Shmoop that has a lot of required reads and runs through their plot, not too many for young adult books though!

Reliving Joy

If all goes well, rereading will bring reminiscence and we get nostalgic. Sometimes we get a deeper appreciation. However, there isn't always a lingering reminiscence. Some books are read back to back because, well, they just enjoyed it that much and they want to feel it all again.

Getting Out of Slumps & Hangovers

This is probably the biggest reason I reread because it combines the first two results as well. I know that if I'm in a slump, I can easily pick up Harry Potter or a contemporary stand alone like a Kasie West novel. Rereads are often quicker, too, since like I mention before, you already know the story, so they are great for catching up on reading challenge, even though Goodreads doesn't count rereads (boo!). Sometimes after an amazing book, I say "Nothing is ever going to be as good as this except this other book that was just as good," so I'll reread another 5-star because I need to read something.

Those are the four results I could think of that happens when you reread!
Did I leave something out? Why do you reread?

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