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Monday, May 23, 2016
Hi everyone!!! I am so so so so so excited to tell you all that I have Maha from Younicorn Reads here today to talk about the reality of realistic fiction. I absolutely adore Maha's discussion posts, so I was so happy when she said she'd be willing to post on my blog.


Maha is a fourteen years old girl runing a blog called Younicorn Reads. she is a very little person with a bag full of books and a head full of dreams. you'll probably only see her sitting on her bed and holding a book, but she's either practicing magic, killing demons, or breaking down a government.
you can find her fangirling on TwitterInstagramTumblr, or Goodreads.


lately, i've been reading a lot more contemporaries than usual, and they are all so cute and romantic and FLUFFY (GIVE ME MORE FLUFFY-NESS.)
however, i've noticed a common point between all main characters in that genre: they are usually (i say usually) the kindest persons in the world, the ones who want to love everyone, want to best for everybody in the book/series. but are these main characters realistic?
i mean, don't get me wrong, i LOVE a lot of main characters in contemporary novels (Emily Hughes and Lola Nolan are just SOME of them), and most of them are teenagers, but are these characters reflecting us as other teenagers reading these books? teenagers have acne, struggle in life, are lonely sometimes, are not all skinny and lovely, don't have perfect hair, have family problems, ARE STRESSED OUT BECAUSE OF SCHOOL AND FINALS AND EXAMS (!!!!), and YA contemporary main characters just...don't. the only things they care about is their summer plans and the cute guy next door. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A SUMMER PLAN.
we read to find ourselves in books, to relate to our characters like they are REAL HUMAN BEINGS. but can we relate to them if they aren't reflecting us? aren't like us?
this isn't some kind of hate towards main characters in YA contemporary, this is a reflection. and believe it or not, we are completely different from these characters. we are not perfect. we have acne, we are stressed by school, and, believe it or not, we do not love everybody. so while contemporaries are really cute and fluffy and romantic, it might not be the perfect reflection to our lives (or maybe it's just mine that is boring).

do you think these main characters are reflecting us? why (not)?


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