Ficticious Fridays (1)

Friday, July 24, 2015
'Fictitious Fridays' is a weekly meme hosted by Aiysha at Mortal Moments.  Each week a specific subject will be chosen for the spotlight for example: favourite fiction book, character, place, food and many more you will have to wait and see!

Fiction Spotlight of the Week : Favourite Fictional Celebrity

Kyoko Mogami from the Skip Beat! manga series by Yoshiki Nakamura is one of my favorite fictional celebrities.  Although she has not reached stardom yet (and is still trying to become a celebrity), she has a lot of potential and is a caring person.  Although she initially starts out wanting to become famous for revenge, she grows as a person and begins to care about the business itself.  I also like other characters in the series (such as Ren Tsuruga), but I will not go into detail about the others right now.

Graham Larkin from This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith is another one of my favorite fictional celebrities.  This may be because he's one of the few I know of, but either way he is a super sweet character who is (as far as I can recall) not arrogant and very genuine.  He's a celebrity I would want to meet.


  1. Great picks! I'm not familiar with them at all but ti's great to see the variety of fictional celebrites readers have chosen! Aiysha

    P.S. You can link up your post to the linky widget on the original blog post here so others can find your posts easily! :)

    1. Thanks, Aiysha! And I will go link it up now :)