Love Triangles

Saturday, June 27, 2015
I often find myself attracted to books that have love triangles.  It is not because there are love triangles in it that draws me in, but it just happens.  I am actually not a huge fan of them; I am not completely against love triangles, but for the most part I'm not exactly a fan of them either…

I know it can be a good way to add suspense, tension and conflict in books, however I just do not see how it is really logical.  Maybe I'm just cynical because I've never been in a relationship, but to be honest, I feel like it is atypical for two people to be fighting over the same person, not a typical thing.  And it is a very typical thing these days in young adult fiction, no matter what genre.  I mean, most of these love triangle things happen in trilogies, and I do not think that two people are going to wait three books-worth of time to let the girl (or guy) decide between them, no matter how much in love they are with the person.

I mean, it's kind of pathetic and sad to watch characters pine over characters that do not love them in return… Maybe it's not that simple but what about “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were"?  Fine, I do admire the characters for trying to win their loves back, but I mean half the time its a worthless effort.  Okay, to be fair I know that the character often cares deeply or "loves both" of the love interests, but I still feel like said character always fancies one more than the other.  I know that love is a complicated thing, but the characters should not be getting themselves into situations where they are in love with two people… Once again probably not that simple, but love triangles are such cliches these days.

Why isn't it this simple?

Also, there is more to life than just love, no matter what the Beatles say (and by that, I am referring to their song "All You Need is Love").  I am far from saying that all characters stuck in love triangles are completely focused on their love lives (in fact, many have much bigger problems on their plates, like Katniss from The Hunger Games), but some are completely absorbed in their romances, and can often come across as mundane and self-absorbed because of it.

I will admit that I am probably more of a classical/scientific thinker than a romantic one, so I am taking a more "logical" or "scientific" view on a topic that is far from logical or scientific, but nonetheless, love triangles are strange phenomena that are too often found in the pages of books these days, and I felt the need to talk about it.  (The strangest thing is that I am a total sap when it comes to a good romance, yet I am extremely cynical at the same time.  Perhaps one day I'll understand…) Anyway, what are your thoughts?  Do you agree?  Disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I love unrequited love!! I'm cynical like that xD It is pretty ridiculous to think two people (YA in particular) are so heartstruck by someone that they'll fight with another person over the girl. How do you even know it's LOVE?! Oh wait, you don't. They're so young, yet they make it seem like it's do or die. I do not understand... Nice post!

    1. Thanks, Rachel!! I totally understand what you mean. I admit that I do feel bad for the characters sometimes when they go through that stuff, but like you said, it isn't really life or death. They're young... Most people don't find their soul mates in their teenage years (and shouldn't expect to).

  2. I've never been a fan of love triangles. In very few cases it can add something to the story but in most cases I feel like it's a waste of time and it makes me uncomfortable.
    I mean, even for the one who got the girl it's weird. I wouldn't want to know that the person I love hesitated between me and some other girl. Maybe I'm a romantic but I feel like when you love someone, you just know. When you love someone you don't need to kiss another guy to be sure, it's just there... I guess haha.

    - The Mad Reader