BookTubeaThon Wrap-Up

Monday, August 10, 2015
Well, BookTubeaThon is officially over, and I only managed to read 2 books within the past week.  I am a bit disappointed, but it's all good!! I was rather busy during the week, and I did manage to complete 3 out of 7 challenges, so I am rather pleased with that outcome, at least. (That's almost half the challenges done! Yay!) Here are the books I read:

Challenge 6 - a book that you really want to read:

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Challenge 1 - read a book with blue on the cover
Challenge 5 - finish a book without letting go of it

So that wraps up BookTubeaThon 2015… I am planning on participating on more readathons in the future, and reading even more great books!


  1. Two books in a week is still pretty good! Yay for completing some of the challenges :D

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books