Beat the Heat Readathon - (Brief) Week 1 Update

Monday, August 31, 2015

The first week of the Beat the Heat Readathon is finally over! And so far, I am very behind. If I were to add the number of pages I've read total, it would be approximately equivalent to one very short book, but I have been juggling four different books the past week, and have yet to finish any of them.  Here's how I did so far:

54 pages of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
17 pages of West with the Night by Beryl Markham
140 pages of Mystic River by Dennis Lehane
20 pages of Throne of Glass
231 pages read
no books completed
2 mini-challenges attempted but incomplete

I absolutely have to finish WWTN and MR (for assignments), and I really want to finish Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight (book 2), and Heir of Fire (book 3) since the fourth book releases tomorrow, so hopefully I will have completed at least 5 books by the end of this readathon. Although it is not as much as I hoped, it is still a decent amount for a two week readathon.


P.S. General blog statement -- I am currently editing a discussion post that should be up by tomorrow or Wednesday!


  1. Awesome goals! Good luck, especially with the Throne of Glass series in a short time! I was going to try and reread them before Queen of Shadows came out but I'm not sure I could do it even though I love the series. Shadow and Bone is a favorite of mine, I hope you like it! :)

    1. Thanks, Alise!! I'm definitely not going to be able to finish them before tomorrow, but I'm hoping to finish by the end of the week so I don't get overwhelmed with too many Queen of Shadows spoilers. I actually haven't read Crown of Midnight nor Heir of Fire yet, so this will be my first time. I'm loving Shadow and Bone so far, so I'm glad to hear you liked it! I've only heard great things about the Grisha trilogy :)

  2. I am very behind cause I haven't even read any books you listed! I tried Throne of Glass but the audiobook wasn't working out for me so it's on pause right now. I'm on a blogging slump too :-/

    *sigh* Good luck on your goals and don't stress about it too much! The most important thing is that you're having fun ;)

    1. Thanks, Amir!! And it's okay, don't stress!! And I've never listened to an audiobook, but I've definitely heard mixed things about them in general. I hope you eventually pick up Throne of Glass again (in whatever shape or form you choose). It's a great series :) And oh no... Blogging slumps are horrible. I have yet to experience a major one yet, but I've had some mini ones and they are not fun :/ I hope you get out of it soon!!